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The Jedi!

When Jason Comerford – my amazing wedding photographer – contacted me to ask if I would be interested in created a pair of Jedi costumes for an upcoming photo shoot…well, I’m pretty sure I squealed.

I think Katie and Kevin were born to be Jedi. Kevin liked the robes that Obi-Wan wore in the prequal trilogy, so I used them to inspire his costume – a light tunic and short tabards under a brown and black belt. The cloak was the most complex element but ended up looking great.

For Katie’s costume, I combined elements of Rey’s robes in The Force Awakens with inspiration from a myriad of other sources – including popular illustrations of Mara Jade. Her corset and arm guards I crafted using textured utility fabric folded over and held in place using fabric glue. Her cloak was a lot of fun too; I especially like how the neck wrap turned out!

Photos courtesy of: Jason Comerford Photography

Models: Katie Wagner & Kevin Morano

Date completed: May 20, 2016