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This was a fun one! Jessi is one of my closest friends, and frankly, I’ve always wanted to dress her up like a doll.

There were a lot of layers to this costume. The base layer was a silky polyester dress. Above that went the glittery bodice and fabulous cape. The bodice I covered in pieces of glittery design foam to get the classic Elsa sparkle. The cape was a mixture of light blue mesh and silver glitter blast spray paint. The stencils for the cape were hard to cut out, but well worth it in the end.

I love this costume, and in the end, I got to dress up my Jessi doll. That’s a win-win!

Photos courtesy of: Kesslan Hervey and someone else we can’t remember

Model: Jessi Marrazzo

Date completed: October 18, 2014